Furnished temporary living in Bremen

We offer you furnished apartments in various categories with full equipment for temporary rental. We take care of everything, you live carefree and distraction-free!

Furnished apartments available soon:

Apartment 1 available from January 1, 1970
Apartment 2 available from January 1, 1970
Apartment 4 available from January 1, 1970

Our philosophy for furnished apartments

We offer real added value for everyone who is not from Bremen and would like to live, work or study in this wonderful city without any worries. Our principle is that we offer fully equipped apartments with a comprehensive service. There are different configurations on offer to choose from depending on your budget. We’ll keep everything running for you!

Furnished apartments for companies

Does your company carry out projects in Bremen or are you a personnel service provider for local companies? Take the chance and accommodate your teams in such a way that you don’t have to worry about their living space. This ensures that your employees can get a good night’s sleep and do their work without further distractions.

We also offer apartments for teams. With a team apartment, you promote trust among your employees and achieve greater efficiency in collaboration the better the team members know each other.

Furnished apartments for freelancers

As a freelancer and new work specialist, you are regularly faced with the question of how much effort you want to put into order to be well accommodated for the next project. You can move directly into our apartments and start working. Desk workstations and WiFi belong in every furnished apartment. And since we offer properties in several parts of the city, you will always find an apartment that is not far from your client.

Also suitable for students

Study during the week and go home at the weekend? We have suitable furnished apartments on offer!

Do you have special requirements?

In principle, we can fulfill every wish and every special requirement with our furnishing service. Let us know which apartment you are interested in and what you would like to have changed. We will provide you with an implementation proposal at short notice!

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